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One of my all time favorite C.S. Lewis books is The Last Battle. This is because at the end, they leave Narnia and enter "Heaven." The idea is that some of heaven seems familiar--- and it is because we have seen glimpses of it here in this world (or Narnia). I am sure there is a much better way of explaining this- but some of those too good to be true moments--- a sunset, an amazing accomplishment, the birth of a child--- some of those moments feel like heaven on earth, and if you are lucky- you may experience many of those moments while here.

When I look at the pictures of the current trip in Honduras, with the team of Brad, Eli, Dan and Joey--- I can't stop thinking of this quote. Their faces just look so darn joyful. You can see that they are in the center of God's will and are so happy to be serving. If you know the story of our Eli, you know that sometimes it has been hard for him to be happy and joyful. He has had an uphill battle in this life and I hope someday he sees God's glory shining through all he has been through and can share his story as HIS testimony. But man, to see him totally in love with Honduras and the people we serve... it makes me absolutely fine with all the truancy letters about to come from the school!!!

So please join me in prayer as these mission trip members experience all this week has to offer--- the good, the bad and the ugly. Because we know where God wants to shine, the enemy is waiting to devour. Pray for the Hondurans that serve on our leadership team. Pray for the kids and families in our programs. And lastly, I pray that you, too, have these indescribable moments--- where you see God working, you feel His peace, and you know that He is the One True God.

Consider coming on a trip in the future with us--- and see what going further up and in is all about.

With love,

Beth, Executive Director, Dream Big Honduras


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