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Patty's Purse Food Bank


What is the Food Bank Program?

 The food bank is providing life changing nutrition for families who cannot afford food. Each month, our receiving families come to the Academy, usually with little ones in hand, and pick up their supply of food. This includes staples like beans, rice and tortilla flour.

This program comes at no cost to the recipients. 

Through generous donations we are able to support the nutritional needs of multiple families in Pinalejo.

This program is named in honor of Patty Grubbs, who introduced Beth to Honduras.  The idea is that saving spare change from your purse, car, etc. can help bless a family with food in our town. 


Interested in being a monthly sponsor?

We would love for you or your group to come along side us and sponsor a family. A monthly sponsorship for a family is $100 and provides their food for the entire month. It's our prayer that we can find sponsors that can commit to a 12 month program so that we can commit to helping a family for 12 months.

We also offer 3 month emergency based sponsorships for families that have fallen on hard times and need temporary assistance to get them on their feet. 

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