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Clinic At Buenos Aires

After a long bumpy ride up the mountains with astonishing views, the Dream Big Honduras team arrived at Buenos Aires at approximately 8 AM. Seeing about 80 families and 300-350 people, the team set up stations for Optomology, general medicine, Dentistry, Audiology (Specific to hearing aids), and a spot in the chapel giving individual witnesses, we had a long day ahead of us. The sound of a bell would alert the group that someone had accepted Christ into their lives, with the blessings Jesus had bestowed on us, we were able to hear the chime of the bell 6 different times when over 20 plus accepted Christ as their personal savior. The dental group had a lot of work on their hands throughout the day pulling teeth and conducting operations to help the beautiful children's smiles become even brighter. One of the most fulfilling parts of the day was when a family would come into the general medicine building and with the help of Doctor Jim Jenison walk out with a big smile on their faces knowing they would be able to go home healthy and happy. After walking them out of the medical building we had the opportunity to be embarrassed by the children of Honduras and their impeccable ball skills in an intense match of keep away. They would then be on their way to the Optomologist to make sure they have the right supplies to be able to see clearly and give them opportunities that they would not have had before. I would personally have to say the best part of the day was leaving, this is because you knew you could walk out and say you made a huge impact on the lives of the Hondurans; driving away into the sunset with the light of the holy spirit being held and embraced by so many amazing people behind you. Jesus was all around us today and helped lift us to do his work at the best of our abilities; physically and spiritually.

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