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Dream Big, Pray Hard.

Time. Some of us seem to have too much. Some of us, not enough. We wish that we could have all the time in the world. The things that I would give for just a few more hours with the kids of Pinalejo. I was blessed to have the opportunity to spend a week in my favorite place in the world. But, I am human. I want more than what I have. I would give the world to spend 24/7 with those kids. They bring out the best in me. They teach me things such as how to appreciate the things I have. I constantly ask myself the same question over and over again: "How are these people so happy while they have virtually nothing?". They love unconditionally. They are always by your side no matter where you are. You may be walking with one or two children and then next thing you know you are caught up in an 11 v. 11 soccer game.

Memories. Some of us make many. Some of us dread our memories. The memories that I have made in Pinalejo are ones that will be with me forever. It is important to not dwell in the past though. Living in yesterday, good or bad, prevents us from making new memories today. It's very hard for me to leave this town after the memories that I have made. But, I need to remind myself that next time will be even better, God permitting.

Dreams. We teach these kids to dream bigger than they thought possible. Break out of the cycle that has started in their culture. They truly believe that anything is possible through Christ. As Americans we tend to cross out the options that seem too far out of reach. This is another thing that these children of Pinalejo have taught me, How to Dream Bigger. Obviously it would be quite a challenge for every single one of these kids to break that cultural cycle. But hey, we Dream Big for a reason, right?

Prayer. Lord knows I don't do enough of it. Lord knows that we need a lot of it. Some more than others. Especially these children of Pinalejo. Donations do help these kids immensely, but donations can only do so much. Prayer is what has carried these kids through the days. I want to personally thank everyone who has donated and prayed for our cause. I can see that these kids greatly appreciate everything that has been done for them and nothing would be possible without you guys. We still need a lot of prayer, especially for our task of starting the first Christian bilingual school in Pinalejo.

Goodbyes. My new least favorite word in the English language. Not too many people are good at goodbyes. I used to able to say that I could handle myself pretty good. No longer. Replaying the goodbyes that I had to give to these kids in my head still makes me tear up. I searched everything I had with me to find something that I could give to each kid before I left. Even on the last two trips, I don't think I really cried after leaving. On Friday, as I gave hugs and said "adios" I really cried. I love these kids with all my heart. I would stay with them forever if I could. I want to do everything for these kids but, in reality, I can't. The only things I can do are:

Wait until next TIME Save the MEMORIES DREAM bigger PRAY harder

Don't let this GOODBYE be my last to these kids

Dream Big, Pray Hard, Never Settle

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